Natalie Chalk of Daily Star UK in Rhodes!

One for the Rhodes? Greek island offers views to die for and history to relive!!

By Natalie Chalk (Daily Star Newspaper):

«»I’d never quaffed fizz with my eggs and toast before.

But the rooftop restaurant of the five-star Atrium Platinum hotel at Ixia on the northern tip of the Greek island of Rhodes seemed the place to start.

Enjoying a few sparkling sips, I took 50 photos of the views.

I had planned my fi rst day to perfection – sunbathing on the balcony of my hotel suite, moving now and again to cool off in my own private plunge pool.

Lunch would be an al fresco cocktail followed by fresh calamari before spending the afternoon in the hotel spa, enjoying the freshwater indoor pool, steam room and sauna.

The following day was set aside for sightseeing.

On an island with ancient roots that chart the dramatic history of the Mediterranean there is an entire civilisation to explore.

Rhodes Old Town, Europe’s oldest inhabited medieval town, has been declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO.

Its 14th-Century Grand Masters Palace is the big draw, with two massive fairytale-like towers that dominate the skyline.

Now a museum, its huge rooms are packed with treasures, antique furniture, sculptures, floor mosaics and artefacts showing what life was like 700 years ago during the period of the Knights of St John.

Nearby, the busy harbour is filled with glass-bottomed excursion boats that allow you to see the colourful fish without getting your feet wet.

The town has many restaurants serving authentic Greek food and whatever has come in off the fishing boats that day.

I opted for Ergon, a modern Greek restaurant and deli chain. It has branches all over Greece as well as one in London and serves traditional food and cocktails with a twist.

Dinner started with pita bread and tzatziki and ended six dishes later, all washed down with Rouzo – pink lemonade, soda water and half a shot of ouzo.

I had a couple more before heading off to nightspot Phos for music and dancing.

The next day I moved across to the east coast, which has the best beaches.

In the village of Lindos I walked up the short, zigzag cobbled track to the acropolis.

Built more than 2,000 years ago, it was bigger than I’d imagined.

It was like travelling back to the beginnings of civilisation and at the top was the classic view of blue sea and white houses – fittingly the colours of the Greek national flag.

On the way down I stopped for an ice cream and pottered around the souvenir shops and tavernas before making my way to the fi ve-star Lindian Village where I was staying.

This gorgeous 60-acre resort is made up of a collection of whitewashed suites arranged into “neighbourhoods” linked by cobbled walkways and water features.

Its centrepiece is a church square surrounded by ancient eucalyptus trees.»

It also has its own private beach where you can join in daily yoga sessions.

The welcome drink of chilled lemonade was so good I wanted to check in every day before flopping on to the four-poster bed in my room.

That night, while staring out on to the fl at calm sea from one of the outdoor terraces, I contemplated one of philosopher Plato’s most famous quotes – “There is no harm in repeating a good thing.”

With that in mind, I ordered myself another glass of champagne and savoured the moment.»»


Daily Star : Published 28th of Sept 2014!

PHOTO: Natalie Chalk of Daily Star UK in Rhodes, enjoying a cocktail after a fab dinner @ Ergon Restaurant!