Tilos island, Greece

Ragged mountainscape, densely forested ranges and hilly vistas, verdant valleys –home to four hundred species of flowers and herbs–, and habitat of rare species of birds. These are the ingredients of an unparalleled destination, a huge ecological park protected by international treaties.

Tilos is in the Dodecanese island chain next to Rhodes in the southeastern Aegean Sea, approximately 20 km off the southwest coast of Turkey. Within the small territory of 65 sq. km, Tilos with 350 residents and its 16 uninhabited islets are gifted with an abundance as well as diversity of wildlife and flora species living within 16 different biotopes that warranted its registration as an EU Special Protection Area, Natura 2000 site and its inclusion in the Corine Biotopes Project for the special protection of certain flora and an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.


  • Police: +30-22460-44222, 71111
  • Port Authority: Telephone: +30-22460-44350, 71205
  • Medical Office in Megalo Horio (including ambulance): Telephone +30-22460-44210, 44219, 70883
  • Post office: (Livadia) Telephone: +30-22460-44249
  • There is a branch of the Co-op Bank of the Dodecanese in Livadia with ATM.
  • Public phones take the standard Greek phone card, sold at the Post Office and at some kiosks and markets. There are a dozen or so of these public card phones around the island. Cell phones generally work.