Rhodes 226 Challenge 2014 Sports Event

The Apollon Triathlon Club invites you to a great sporting celebration. We expect everyone there!

– The toughest resistance …

–  A continuous game winning …

–  Does NOT depend on anything other than the desire you have…

–  It is very difficult to get over yourself …

–  Perhaps the hardest thing you can succeed…

The Apollo Triathlon club prepares for the next win station in a fight that’s never been done! The reason for this, is the Rodos Challenge 226 which will be held on October 26 in Kiotari, a few kilometers away from Lindos, whereas the starting area is below the hotel Miraluna.

With the support of the Municipal Agency for Culture and Sports Rhodes (D.O.P.A.R) we will all have the opportunity to witness for first time on the island and around Greece, an «IRONMAN» match haul.

Given the current establishment of triathlon races in Greece, it is on its own a great achievement to be able to overcome every obstacle and manage to organize such a triathlon event. Organizers aspire to attract many participants from Israel, Turkey, UK, along with the greek triathletes coming from the mainland of Greece. The number of athletes in the start line is expected to be over 50 (!), a very encouraging fact, given that the first ironman race in Hawaii on 1979 had 15 participants.

If one, just conceives the significance of such a triathlon celebration, owes to support the effort of the winners. Yes, winners, because in such a race, finish rank has no particular value. What is above all, is the will to exceed your limits and cross the finish line, which on its own is the greatest victory of all.

It well considered today, from a continuously increasing number of the population, that one person’s body and soul combined, is the only vehicle for the course of his life. One owes to give both body and soul every care and attention. Away from the so commonly invented excuse of the absence of available time to train, the amateur triathletes of Apollon Triathlon Club, always find time in the day to train, in contrast to the majority that has adopted a passive and idle living style. On October 26, we all owe to be present, as volunteers and supporters of this superhuman effort.


With a total distance to reach of 226 km, the athletes will spend 3,8km in the sea, 180km bike, and finally run 42,2km (classic marathon distance of Athens).

The triathlon club Apollo invites you to this great sporting celebration. We expect everyone there!!

Info web site: http://challenge226.apollontriathlon.gr

When / Where: October 26, Hotel Miraluna, Kiotari

Starting / Finishing at: 06: 30p.m, Exp 21: 30m.m (limit stop 15 hours)

List of Athlets: http://challenge226.apollontriathlon.gr/en/registrations/

Info Map / Distances and Route: http://challenge226.apollontriathlon.gr/en/maps/