Emporios is a small village with a hilly terrain 8km southeast of Mandraki with a few permanent residents. On the top of the hill we find the castle of Emporeios, its foundations dating from the Byzantine era, while the walls belong to the Knights of the order of Rhodes. Inside the castle, on the top of the hill there is the temple of Taxiarchis Michael, built in the late 13th century, with a carved wooden chancel and interesting wall painting compositions. The cave formed at the village’s entrance is a unique natural phenomenon as due its heat it is considered a natural sauna. It is an example of the intense volcanic activity on the island.

Village of Emborio


Mandraki today is the island’s capital and port. Built amphitheatrically on the slope shadowed by the castle and Panagia Spiliani, where ancient Nisyros once was. It is the largest village of the island, where you will see the harbour, the Popular Art Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Palaeokastron (Old Castle) (6th – 4th century B.C.) and the Venetian Castle with the church of Panagia Spelianie. Close to Mandraki is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Hohlaki with impressive volcanic black pebbles, which attracts many visitors. You can swim in the small sandy beach of Agios Savvas, very close to the city. Boats go to the near by small island Giali, northwest of Nisyros with stunning beaches. In Giali pumice is excavated. Apart from the island’s most popular square called “Ilikiomeni”, there is also the “Dolphin Square, named after the round, pebbled ground floor constructed by local craftsman Papadelias. The “City Hall Square” is also pebbled, a work by craftsmen from Symi. 1km from Mandraki is the Loutra complex. The sources of sulphurous have therapeutical benefits against many conditions, especially rheumatic and dermatology related.

Mandraki Village, Nisyros


Nikia is located in a mountainous region, built at 400m altitude and has a 13km distance from Mandraki. Nikia attracts a lot of tourist interest because it is located very close to the volcano, even though it is not active. Its architecture is of great interest, as the cobblestone paths are labyrinthine and you can easily get lost in them. Here you will see Porta (Door), a famous cobblestone square, the Church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary, the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian (holiday held on 26 September) and the Monastery of Virgin Mary, Our Lady (17th century; holiday on 23 August).

Village of Nikeion


A beautiful small fishing village situated in the north-eastern part of the island and 4km from Mandraki. Thanks to its wonderful beach with its long sandy coast the area is a centre of attraction for visitors and recently has started to become a tourist resort. In Palous you’ll swim in its popular beach and enjoy various water sports. You can rent canoes and water bikes. The area has a marina for the private boats and yachts. From here you can access other cosmopolitan beaches like Gialiskari beach and Lies beach.

Village of Paloi