Louvre Museum Exhibition

The entirely successful Press Conference given Wednesday afternoon in Paris for the launch of the exhibition,» Rhodes: a Greek island in the gates of the East »(« Rhodes: Une ile grecque aux portes de l ‘Orient ») in Louvre Museum, culminated finalizing the decision to relocate exhibition in Rhodes next spring.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the South Aegean Regional Director Mr. George Hatzimarkou with Museum Director Mr. Jean-Luc Martinez, on Wednesday night.

This is a personal success of Mr G. Hatzimarkos, who from the first moment set a target of transferring the Exhibition from Paris to Rhodes. The consultations were launched last July, even before the S. Aegean Regional Director undertaking his duties, when hosted in Rhodes the Project Manager of the Museum, Ms. Laurence Roussel, the Press Officer Ms. Christine Cuny, the curator of the exhibition Ms. Anne Coulie and representatives of major French media, such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, L ‘Express, Le Journal and Des Artes & L’ Oeil.

The «transfer date» is now expected to be finalized, as long as the duration of exposure to Rhodes, with the Regional Director of South Aegea trying to extend it throughout the course of the summer season. If this achieved, will consist the premier cultural event on the island of Rhodes and throughout Greece, in straight connection with the tourism product of the region.

Thumbs up to everyone!