Chalki (Halki) island

Its name originates from the copper (halkos in Greek) mines that used to exist on the island. Since 1983, it has been nominated as the «Island of Peace and Friendship» among the youth of the world, offering qualitative staying conditions and marvelous peace.

Chalki is a small mountainous island of Dodecanesos with golden sand beaches, where the traditional way of living still survives… It is located west of Rhodes, just 5 miles from Monolith cape.It is 5 nm away from Rhodes’ central port, and only 11 nm from Scala of Kameiros. Its area measures 28 square kilometers. It’s a mountainous island with rockyterrain.
It is ideal for those who want to take a vacation away from all the urban stress, since the beautiful climate and kind people make it function as a serene place for the soul and body. Here roads do exist, but there are barely any cars. There are neither nightclubs nor watersports. The landscape is characterized as an “oasis” suited for tired eyes, with beautiful mansions built around the picturesque port, with fishing boats and absolute calmness. Emporios (or Imporios) is the port as also as the capital of Chalki, and currently is the only residential area in the island.

Built amphitheatrically at the foot of the mountain, it consists of tall, two and three-storyrenovated mansions, which are really creating an unparalleled and beautiful traditional settlement. The town has a stately beauty which reveals samples of past prosperity – it is worth walking through its alleys. The houses, some with an “Italian” architecture style and some with a neoclassical display, double-storied with tile roofs, five windows, large entrance doors per story and “eye” gables, arefound even next to the sea and are samples of past prosperity of the island. The island is ideal for peaceful hiking holidays where you can discover around 360 chapels (pillared or not), as also as the remains of the Venetian castle,at the foot of which the ancient capital of the island, the Village, is sleeping. The life on the island is simple – without hurries.

You can spend several hours under the sun to any of the island’s beaches you like. And don’t forget… to escape from the absolute silence, there is the nearby Rhodes which is connected with the island on a daily basis. Finally, keep in mind that there are no vehicles or buses on the island – you will enjoy all routes on foot!