Agios Antonios Beach

This beautiful lacy beach has everything: Palm trees, shelter for small vessels, two taverns on the seaside, a chapel, and even mosaic relics from a Hellenistic necropolis

Agios Antonios Beach


The most popular beach of the island with a long golden sandy beach and blue cool waters, due to the spring waters found there.

Tilos island Eristos Beach, Greece


Two paths reach this small and secluded pebble beach, one is Livadia which passes over the edge of the coastal rocks, and the other by the mainland beginning from the gas station and parallel to the bottom of a dry stream.

Lethra Beach


On the SE of the main port of Tilos a huge beach with tamarix and pebbles in and out of the sea extends. It begins from the village and goes up to Agios Stefanos where the medieval port of the island used to exist.



It is located on the northern horn of the bay of Agios Anthonios. It stands out for its eucalyptus, while the highlight is the peacocks that stroll freely displaying their tails.

Plaka Beach


It is a large pebble beach on the northern part of the island. A dirt road leads there up to a point and a path continues for another 10 minutes. Beware of the wild rabbits coming out of the bushes.

Skafi Beach


Tilos Limenari Beach


Tholos Beach Tilos

Vathia Beach

Vathia Beach