Agios Fokas Beach

Agios Fokas

Proud holder of the «Blue Flag» award , the beach of Agios Fokas combines white and black sand with beautiful pebbles. It is approximately 8 km away from the town of Kos and just 2 kms away from the Therma beach. Offers several organized spots with umbrellas, infrastructure for water sports and  the Beach Bar Agios Fokas. Those who are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery are sure to find it along this beautiful beach.

You may reach Agios Fokas by using buses, taxis, your vehicle, and bicycle.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos

One of the most photographed beaches. It combines the beauty of nature with important historical sites such as the ruins of early Christian churches, which are just a few meters from the sea. The beautiful landscape is completed by Castri, a small rocky island, with diameter of 50 meters, just across the middle of the Gulf from where the small chapel of St. Nicholas emerges.

Well organized, with large numbers of visitors, it offers several amenities and a variety of water sports.

The beach of Agios Stefanos is about 3 km Northeast of the village of Kefalos.

To visit it you can follow the road leading out of the village Kefalos and turn right to the road that descends down to the beach.

Agios Theologos Beach

Agios Theologos

One of the most remote beaches, named after the small chapel of St. John the Theologian Located just meters away from the shore.

The scenery you encounter is unique. A rocky coast with numerous bays that creates a sense of isolation, perfect for endless hours of sunbathing. Water sports enthusiasts love this beach because of the gentle waves, perfect for windsurfing.

The beach is not organized, so it is useful to equip oneself with the necessities. If you forget, there is a nearby traditional restaurant where you can taste delicious traditional dishes.

Agios Theologos is on the other side of the island, about seven kilometers west of the village of Kefalos. Driving there, watch the many sharp turns.

Camel Beach


The wonderful Camel Beach is Kefalos is a very good choice for you to swim and rest. It is located inside a bay and is smaller in length than the others located there, whichmakes the beach stand out from the rest beaches in Kefalos. Directly above, you can find Camel restaurant with many choices in seafood.

To get there you can with your vehicle, follow the signs located on the main road andtake the road which leads to Camel beach.

Cavo Paradiso Beach

Cavo Paradiso

Perhaps the most isolated beach in Kos, Cavo Paradiso lies hidden in the island’s southern tip, about half an hour from the village of Kefalos. It’s a magical place, with crystal clear waters and fine golden sands that make up an exotic scenery unique to the Aegean.

Cut off from the busy life of the island, the beach is perfect for a relaxing and peaceful day. Partially organized, there is enough room for those wishing to create their own atmosphere.

In order for the beach to beach reached, one must be lead through the backroad of Kefalos and follow it until the asphalt gives way to a dirtroad.

Faros Beach


This sandy beach of Faros is perpetually stormed by large waves, due to the prevailing strong winds. It is organized, with many hotels and rooms . The beach owes its name to the lighthouse located nearby. It is the continuation of the beach of Lambi and spans three kilometers to the west.

To reach it one may follow the bicycle path that runs from the port and ends at the of the Lighthouse. Also, you can use the bus or your own vehicle

Helona Beach


Helona Beach is a magical beach, 4 km away from Kos Kardamena.

With golden sand and blue waters the beach is a typical beach someone can find on the island. For the most part of it, it is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, but there are places along the beach where you can lie down on the sand. Further away, there are many restaurants to dine.

From Kardamena you can find it if you follow with your vehicle the road going to the west, along the beach.

Kamari Beach


The main beach of Kefalos, Kamari, is one of the most famous beaches of the island. Sizable of length, it borders and carries on the beach of  Limnionas. It is about 1 km away from the the village and about 40 km from the town of Kos.

The blue and cold waters are ideal for hot summer days. Easily accessible and well organized, Kamari can cover the needs of all guests. One may can enjoy swimming and the sun, but also invigorate his adrenaline by trying one of the many water sports. All along the beach runs a line of  cafes and traditional taverns designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding palate!

Access is easy, either with one of the frequent bus routes, or by private vehicle. Biking for the more adventurous, is always an option.

Kardamena Beach


In the village of Kardamena you will find a sandy beach well organized, with plenty of sun beds and umbrellas. There are many water sport facilities along the beach, and if you do not want to stray far away to eat, you will definitely find a nearby restaurant that suits your taste. You will also find many beach bars and cafes where you can relax whilst overlooking the beautiful sea.

The beach is located in the village of Kardamena, about 25 kilometers from Kos town and 7 km from the airport.

Karnagio Beach


Karnagio is a sandy beach where the sea deepens slowly and so is often visited by families. It is the ideal destination for those seeking tranquility. The beach is unorganized, such it is advisable to for one to carry along basic supplies such as water, food and maybe an umbrella for some shade.

The beach is located between the beach Tigaki and Lambi, about 5 km from the town of Kos. You can reach it following the road leading from Lambi in Tigkaki in a vehicle or, better yet, by bike. It is accessible for the most part, but it would be good to beware, because along the beach, the road is littered with sand.

Kohilari Beach


A sandy beach, cut off from the other beaches of Kefalos ,situated in the north side of the village. It  is ideal for wind surfing and kite surfing on the high waves created  by strong wind blowing ever-furious in the area. For those who do not engage in Kite Boarding but want to learn, one will find there one of the many schools of Kos’ Kite boarding, t Kohilari Kite Center.

The small beach Kochylari is located just outside the village of Kefalos, approximately 5 km away from it. To get there, turn right on the junction, just before the path to Kefalos.

Lagada Beach


Lagada beach is located near Kefalos and is ideal for families with children and couples, just as several other beaches in Kefalos. The golden sands and clear bluewaters are ideal to relax on the sun loungers with parasols you will find there and take a swim.

To find the beach is easy, since all you have to do is follow the sign from the mainroad that leads to Kefalos.

Lampi Beach


One of the busiest beaches of the island, very popular thanks to its position, close to the city center. It is located on the west side of Kos town and basically it is its continuity.

Here the visitor encounters 1 kilometer of beautiful sandy beach from one side and lush greenery on the other. Lampi has won Blue Flag for its clean water, but also for the number of services offered.

Suitable for everyone, families, couples and groups covering all desires. Along the road  one encounters beach bars, malls water sports, and facilities for beach volley. During the day, it offers visitors the opportunity to relax, enjoy any of the many beach bars, but also exercise dabbling in water sports. But in the evening no one is ‘sleeping’ continuing at a high pace, with several bars and restaurants.

To get to Lambi one can take your bike on the bicycle path on the coastal side of Kos, but also choose a private vehicle or one of the local buses.

Limnionas Beach


Although the winds blowing from the north side of the island are strong, the sea of Limnionas has no waves, since it is located in a small artificial bay. There, you will findgolden sand and crystal clear waters to make your dive, and a restaurant to enjoyyour food.
Limnionas beach is located on the northern side of the island near Kefalos and you can go there with your vehicle from the village of Kefalos or from the provincial road.

Magic Beach


Magic beach is the last beach you will encounter as you leave Kefalos. The sand and the clear waters characterize the beach. Like the others nearby, it is the ideal place for relaxing and enjoy your dives in the sea. Near the beach there is a restaurant with tasty dishes and seafood.

Follow the sign that leads to the beach from the provincial road near Kefalos to get there.


Markos Beach


Markos beach is yet another beach ideal for families and couples. The atmosphere there makes you relax and enjoy your swim in the blue and shallow waters you will find there. If you get hungry later in the day, you can enjoy the food you will find at the restaurant nearby.

To get there, just follow the sign you will find on the main road just outside Kefalos.


Marmari Beach


Marmari Beach is sandy with lovely blue sea. Organized for those who want to avoid the sun and relax on a sun lounger, there are spots to sunbathe and avoid the hassles. The beach provides many opportunities for water sports and is suitable for Kite Surfing, offering ideal conditions. Marmari has bars and restaurants, but also a small port where small boats can anchor.

The beach is located 15 kilometers west of the city of Kos, named after its village. It is accessible by car, bike, taxi or by regular local bus service.


Mastichari Beach


Mastihari beach gives the impression that you are in some exotic place. In some places it is organized, but those who are satisfied without a lounger, may well lie with the towel on the sand, tucked away along the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Besides the organized water sports, the beach  is ideal for wind-and kite surfing. Those who want to have fun with their children can visit the nearby amusement park water games «Lido».

The beach Mastihari located near the settlement of Antimachia, 22 km west of Kos, a continuation of Marmari beach.

If you do not have your own vehicle, you can get there by taxi or bus from the town of Kos or through Antimachia and Mastihari

Paradise Beach


The name of this beach predisposes the visitor for what you will encounter: a truly heavenly landscape. A sandy beach about 6 km, crystal icy waters, a landscape with a backdrop of lush cedar hills composes a paradise!

Really organized, it offers the visitor whatever he may wish. Here one can relax and enjoy swimming, but also have fun doing water sports. When it’s lunch time, one may enjoy fresh fish and local dishes at one of the nearby restaurants.  A beach, not to  be missed.

The beach is accessible by bus or just following the road to Kefalos.

Psalidi Beach


The beach is mainly composed of pebbles and is in many places organized. At one point there is a creek where you can indulge in kite surfing, if you have the right equipment. organized water sports clubs with wind surfing, water ski and more can also be found . If you get hungry, you can enjoy fresh fish, Greek and European cuisine in taverns across the main strip.

The beach of Psalidi is near the town of Kos, on the road leading to Agios Fokas and Therma.

You can reach Psalidi by bus, taxi, rented car or even bicycle.

Sunny Beach


Sunny Beach is situated in Kefalos and is next to Markos beach. It is a beautiful beachwith crystal clear waters and golden sand, ideal for relaxation. Near the beach, there is also the Sunny beach restaurant that serves seafood along with other dishes.

To get to the beach, just follow the sign from the main road of Kefalos.

Therma Beach


The Therma also known as empros thermens are situated in the southeastern corner of the island 13 kilometers away from the town.

The scenery is characterized by a wild beauty of deep gulches, rocks and black pebbles, the result of tectonic discord, and volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

The area was christened after the hot springs that have been present there for centuries. The waters reputably bear healing properties as they are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and sodium, elements considered instrumental in cures for skin arthritic or rheumatic diseases. The temperature of the waters hovers between 30-50 Celsius.

The experience of bathing in this natural Spa is invaluable. In the forefront of the beach a pod has been made, surrounded by rocks, allowing the seawater in, cooling the hot waters.

The Therma can be visited by bus or by any private means of transportation.

Tigaki Beach


Tigaki beach is located at the homonymous village, approximately 11 kilometers from the city of Kos and extends to a distance of 10 kilometers all the way up tp the Alyki.

The golden sand and the shallow waters make this beach very attractive for a large number of tourists and especially for the children.

The beach has received more than once the Blue Flag award, not just for the quality of its waters but also for the level of services offered.

Surf lovers will enjoy the high waves at a small distance from the beach. And those interested in starting out with water sports can can find a water sports instructor in Tigaki.

Access from the city of Kos is easy using a local bus, a car or even a bicycle along the beach road from Lampi.​