Akti Beach

The nice and quiet beach of Akti has fine sand and crystalline waters and is located near the road leading to the valley of Vathy, on the eastern coast of Kalymnos. A fine tavern stands on the soft sand and offers excellent food. To reach this relaxing place, one has to use private transport (bike or car), since there isn’t any bus going there.

Akti beach Kalymnos

Apitiki Beach

Apitiki Beach Kalymnos

Arginonda Beach

This sandy and pebble beach is Located about 17 kilometres north from Pothia (the island’s capital) and is coil up in a beautiful and picturesque bay. Umbrellas and sun beds are available for rent as well as a few accommodations and taverns that can be found near the beach or in the small hamlet of the same name (just a few meters walk from the beach). From Pothia a bus regularly goes to Arginonda; the bus stop is very close to the beach.

Arginonda Beach Kalymnos

Avlakia Beach

Avlakia Beach Kalymnos

Chochlakas Beach

Located beneath the church Agia Triada (the Holy Trinity), Chochlakas is considered as the most spectacular beach of Telendos. Its pebbly shore and crystal clear waters will definately enchant you.

Chochlakas Beach Kalymnos

Eborios Beach

This beautiful and serene beach is lying in front of the quiet village of the same name, 24 kilometres north of Pothia. It has smooth pebbles, scattered rocks, and crystalline waters. There are no rentals or facilities available, which makes it a very quiet place. The local bus stops at the village near the beach but this fine place can also be reached by a little fishing boat leaving regularly from the village of Myrties.

Eborios Beach Kalymnos

Gefyra Beach

The small beach of Gefyra is the one closer to Pothia, inside a cove with turquoise waters. It is pebbly and quite green, with rocks.

Gefyra Beach Kalymnos

Kantouni Beach

Kantouni beach is 8.5km far from Pothia, located in the Panormou area just after the Olive Square. It’s a sandy beach popular to teenagers and young people.
It has become a hang-out place for young people and the shops are open almost 24hours. There are beach bars to enjoy with your friends and if you want to spend the night there are rooms to rent. If you are looking for a quieter beach, Linaria beach is only a short distance from Kantouni. It is a sandy beach perfect for families. There are several taverns where you and your family can have fresh fish and other seafood dishes.

Kantouni beach Kalymnos

Palionisos Beach

Palionisos Beach Kalymnos

Platis Gyalos Beach

The beach of Platis Yialos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kalymnos. It is located nearby the village of Panormos, north of the beaches of Kandouni and Linaria. The fine beach has soft black sand and azure clean waters. An excellent tavern stands on the beach, serving delightful dishes. From Platis Yialos, the visitor will have the chance to admire the most astonishing sunset of Kalymnos.

Platis Gyalos beach Kalymnos

Sikati Beach

Sykati beach Kalymnos

Vlychadia Beach

Vlychadia beach Kalymnos