Beaches in Rhodes, is not «just beaches». Its a whole experience to taste and remember! With so many different styles, types of them, our island can meet the needs and expectations even of the most demanding ones! Below we have tried to cover the most well known beaches and bays, although there are much more out there, hiden like a good secret, which we will shoot with our cameras and include in time. Start exploring the coastline of Rhodes, virtually, via our web site and we look forward to welcoming you!

Rhodes / Agathi Golden Beach

Agathi Beach

Until a few years ago, Agathi was a closely guarded travelers secret.…


Gournes Beach Rhodes

Gournes Beach

Gournes beach located on the east coast, with umbrellas and a restaurant.…


Ixia Beach Rhodes Greece

Ixia Beach

Considered by many as one of the most fashionable beaches on Rhodes,…


Lindos Beach, Rhodes, Greece

Lindos Beach

Lindos Beach features a long stretch of golden sand, surrounded by many…


Vlicha Beach Rhodes

Vlycha Beach

Popular with families, Vlycha beach is just a little ways from Lindos.…