The perimeter of Halki (Chalki) is decorated by gorgeous beaches, many of them being accessible by foot and others by boat. The five beaches in Halki that you can easily go to by foot are Pontamos, Ftenagia, Kania, Giali and Areta.

Pontamos Beach

Pontamos is the only sandy beach starting from the port, Nimporios, it’s a ten-minute walk. The surface of the road is asphalt. Above the beach you can find a tavern, a canteen and umbrellas for sunbathing.

Pondamos Beach, Chalki

Ftenaghia Beach

Ftenagia is located on the side of the hotel, behind the small church of AgiaAikaterini. If you get to the church, go down the rocks from the back side and you will eventually find the beach. The beach, which is small and rocky, can be reached by a 15-minute walk. This beach is also accessible by car using a non-asphalt road which is going below the windmills. A tavern is operating there and you can also find umbrellas for sunbathing.

Ftenaghia Beach, Chalki

Kania Beach

The beach at Kania is spotted north of the island’s center, Imporio, close to the fish farming location. It is accessible by foot in around 25 minutes, and by car, having an asphalt road. The road starts from Imporio and turns right at the second alley after the school. There is no tavern there but you can find a petrol station nearby.

Kania Beach, Chalki

Giali Beach

On the beach of Giali, you will see a small and pebbled beach, on the south side of the island. The pebbles are big and white. To go there you will have to reach the Village and then continue down the road that is in front of the Village. On this beach there is nothing to supply you with drinks, food etc. For that reason, you should take the appropriate measures. This beach is accessible by foot, car and boat.

Giali Beach, Chalki

Trachia Beach

Another beautiful beach is Traxia, which is a double beach next to Pontamos. You can also access it by boat. It’s a piece of land which literally penetrates the sea, creating 2 beaches.

Trachia Beach, Chalki


Pebbled beach with limited sunlight, as it is surrounded by enormous rocks. It is famous for its green-azure waters and the beauty of its seabed.

Areta Beach