Agathonisi Island,Greece

Agathonisi island is the northernmost island of the Dodecanesian complex. According to its geographical position, it forms the northeastern border between the Dodecanese and the nearby coastlines of Asia Minor, mainly with Militos’ estuaries.

It’s surface area is 14,4 Coastline of 32 km and permanent population of 152 residents. It is 36 nautical miles from Patmos and just 8 miles from the coast of Asia Minor.

During the Italian domination, the island was named Gaidouronisi (Donkey island) after its shape, and this is how its indicated on many navigational charts..

Today’s name Agathonisi was adopted after the Liberation of 1948, after a vote that was conducted amongst its residents due towrong etymology of the plant “Agathohorto” that grows in plenty of on the island.

Agathonisi is surrounded by six islets: Kouneli or Kounelonisi (Rabbit or Rabbit island) in the south, Nero or Neronisi (Water or Water island), Strogili or Strogilo (Round), Pita or Piato (Pie or Plate) or Psathonisi or Psatho (Straw island) or Praso (Leak) at the north and Katsagani or Glaro (Seagull) at the east. It is an ideal area for circumnavigation.